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Bee Tree Farm
The New Hampshire Honey Bee
Apiary & Beekeeping Supply Co., LLC
Gilsum, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-354-8019
FAX: 1-888-386-4029

Store Hours
Tuesday & Wednesday 9-4
Thursday 10-6
and by appointment.

*Bee Packages:  Due to severe weather in Georgia, bee package arrival in Gilsum
will be delayed until late afternoon/evening on Wednesday, April 23rd.  Please check our website for daily for updates and pick-up times.  Pick - Up:  Thursday, 4/24 7am - 8 pm
Thank you!  (posted Thurs., 4/17/14 11:33a.m.)

*NUCs:  Due in somewhere between 5/1 - 5/15/14.  Will post pick-up date as soon as we get it.
*Please check back for updates as these can change due to weather, etc. 

Manufacturer of Hampshire Hives Woodenware
Thank you for visiting Bee Tree Farm & The New Hampshire Honey Bee.  Located in beautiful southwest New Hampshire, we are a family-owned and operated business. Our goals are simple; enjoy the fun and education of beekeeping, provide a range of beekeeping supplies, services and equipment to hobbyist beekeepers and side-liner apiaries; and produce quality Honey & Beeswax products and Jams & Jellies for the community.

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Protein Patty Feed
Protein Patty - 15% Pollen
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