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About Beeswax
New Hampshire Honey Bee candles are handcrafted in our Honey House from 100% pure beeswax.  Each candle is hand-dipped or poured then buffed to a lustrous finish. 

Unlike petroleum-based paraffin candles that produce a black, smoky residue, beeswax candles burn cleanly and efficiently.  In addition to the wonderful, lightly sweet fragrance, they burn longer and brighter than petroleum-based candles, don't drip and help freshen the air we breathe.  On average, an 8" tapered candle can burn 12-14 hours.  A similarly sized paraffin candle will burn 6-8 hours.  As for cleaning the air, when burned, beeswax candles release negatively charged ions.  These ions attach to positively charged dust particles, helping them to settle out of the air. 

Similar to crystallization in honey products, a natural process called blooming occurs in beeswax.  In time, a dull, white coating will appear on the wax surface.  "Bloom" is easily removed by buffing lightly with a soft, dry cloth.  Blooming does not affect the candle's burn time or fragrance.
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