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Bee Escape

Price: $4.00
This handy device is a simple and inexpensive way to clear bees from supers and brood boxes. No chemicals, no stress to the bees, no problem with storage when not in use. Simply insert and secure the bee escape in the oval cutout on your inner cover with the circular cut-out in the Escape facing down.  Place the inner cover on top of the super you want to clear. Place a divider under the super you are clearing... and wait 24 hours. It's that simple. As the bees finish their work in the super, they enter the Bee Escape through the circular cut-out, leave through the one-way spring gates and return to the hive through the main entrance. They can't get back into the super through the hive because of the divider you placed. A scrap piece of plywood makes a great divider.   

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