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Carlisle Honey and Honeybound Meadery
7 Locust Avenue
Tyngsboro, MA 01879
(978) 957-2233
We are excited to announce the launch of our new website,
All our companies, New England Beekeeping, Carlisle Honey and Honeybound Meadery can be accessed here.Thank you for your continued patronage, we look forward to seeing you at The Colony!
Thank you for visiting Bee Tree Farm & The New Hampshire Honey Bee.  In July we sold our company to our good friends, The Colony, in Tyngsboro, MA.  Our vision mirrors theirs in promoting the fun and education of beekeeping, providing a range of beekeeping supplies, services and equipment to hobbyist beekeepers and side-liner apiaries, and producing quality Honey & Beeswax products for the community.
As a valued New Hampshire Honey Bee and Bee Tree customer we want you to know that you will receive the same, if not better, level of service you've come to expect.  If you have any concerns or questions please contact us at the email below.


We are happy to announce the purchase of NH Honeybee and Bee Tree Farm by New England Beekeeping Supplies, Inc. (NEBEES). We first want to congratulate John and Alison Solomonides for building a great family owned business. We wish them success in all future endeavors!

The Colony is primarily owned by Rick and Sue Reault. We operate our business on the New Hampshire and Massachusetts border in Tyngsboro, Ma., less than ½ mile from Nashua, New Hampshire. We own and manage 1,000 honeybee colonies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our one year old facility is called The Colony and is the home to New England Beekeeping Supplies, Carlisle Honey and HoneyBound Meadery.

We look forward to meeting and serving our new customers in the exact same fashion as John, Alison and Janine did. There will be some fun and interesting additions to all the brands and we will be sharing them with you very soon! Stay tuned.


                                                                      Rick and Sue Reault

                                                                    New England Beekeeping

                                                                    Carlisle Honey

                                                                    Honeybound Meadery

                                                                     7 Locust Ave

                                                                     Tyngsborough, MA, 01879

                                                                     978 957-2233




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