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NUC - 5 Frame

Price: Sold out for 2020
Sold out for 2020
Not Available for Shipping - Pick up in Store Only
These 5 frame NUCs include 3+ deep frames of brood.  Unmarked Queens are Carniolan and Italian mix.  These NUCs come from our provider in Maine.  They are not overwintered in Maine.  We expect Mother Nature to have them ready around late May/early June 2020.  As we get closer we will publish pick up dates and times.  When picking up, the NUCs will be in a corrugated plastic NUC box.  This box is great for transport, catching swarms or holding frames during hive inspections. Payment is requested at time of order.  We'll confirm your order once payment is received.  Payment can be made through the website via PayPal, credit card, or check.

PICK UP:  Wednesday, 5/20/20, by appointment -- NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING! 
Please check the home page for updates regarding pick up days and times.

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